The YSE301 Electric Standing/Lying Wheelchair

2024-05-08 17:19

Iyasocare is delighted to unveil the YSE301 Electric Standing/Lying Wheelchair, a groundbreaking mobility solution designed to empower users with enhanced functionality and comfort. With its innovative features and thoughtful design, the YSE301 sets a new standard in wheelchair technology, providing users with greater freedom and independence.

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Key Specifications:

  • Seat Width: 48cm

  • Seat Depth: 45cm

  • Seat Height: 55cm

  • Backrest Height: 52cm

  • Standing Height: 182cm

  • Product Size: 12065120cm

  • Rear Wheel Size: 10 inches

  • Front Wheel Size: 14 inches

  • N/G Weight: 90KG/120KG

  • Frame Material: Steel

  • Load Capacity: 100kg

  • Package Size: 1257070CM (Wooden Box: 1348284CM, 150KG)

  • Driving Range: 45KM

  • Max Speed: 8KM/h

  • Battery: 24V40A (Lead Acid)

  • Motor: 24V 350W*2

  • Parking Brake: Intelligent Electronic Brake + Electromagnetic Brake

  • Cushion: Black

Key Features:

  1. Electromagnetic Brake System: Equipped with an advanced electromagnetic brake system and constructed from durable carbon steel, the YSE301 ensures reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

  2. Hydraulic Adjustment Device: Featuring a hydraulic adjustment device, the YSE301 can be fully reclined, providing users with customizable comfort and support. With its manual and electric dual-mode system and multi-function remote control operation panel, users can easily adjust the wheelchair to their preferred position. Each function button exists independently, and an optional toggle switch allows for wrist operation.

  3. Front and Rear Shock Absorption: Designed with front and rear shock absorption, the YSE301 offers a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain. The rocker anti-radio interference controller and 700W motor ensure precise and responsive control, while the enlarged and widened front wheel pneumatic tires provide stability and traction.

  4. High-Quality Knee Pads and Double-Sided Lifting Armrests: Equipped with high-quality knee pads and double-sided lifting armrests, the YSE301 prioritizes user comfort and safety, allowing for easy maneuverability and support.

The YSE301 Electric Standing/Lying Wheelchair represents a significant advancement in mobility technology, offering users unparalleled versatility, comfort, and convenience. Experience the future of mobility with Iyasocare's latest innovation.

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