Racing wheelchair YSM2103
(The following specifications and parts can be customized)

Seat width:30-34cm   
Seat depth: 36cm
Seat height: 45cm
Product size: 164*63*68cm
Rear wheel size:27 inches
Front wheel size:17 inches
N/G: 11.8KG/14KG
Frame material: Aluminum alloy
Package Size:165*56*70cm

1.Frame: the combination of welding of high strength aluminum alloy profile forming, fixed structure, safety performance is good, the surface color spray paint processing, beautiful and durable
2.Front wheel: 18 inches PU special racing wheel, adopt the whole aluminum alloy brake, safe and reliable
3.Rear wheel: 28 inches inflatable wheels, configuration is 36 knife type high strength aluminum circle, inflatable tires, with light weight, high strength aluminum wheel (hand when using direct drive wheelchair)
4.Seat cushion is made of 420D oxford cloth stitching forming, soft texture, high tensile strength, the soft cushion can according to the different requirements of different figure athletes on the wheelchair seat height and the thickness of the configuration to accommodate