Beach wheelchair YSB01
(The following specifications and parts can be customized)

Seat width: 460mm
Seat depth: 500mm
Seat height: 560mm
Hand rest height: 780mm
Back rest height: 320mm
Foot rest length: 490mm
Total product size: 1360*1020*940mm
Front wheel size: 12* 7 inch
Rear wheel size: 16* 9 inch
Loading: 150kg
N/G: 21kg/24kg
Packing size: 890*420*840mm

1.Foldable frame, front and rear wheels quick detachable installation design
2.Adjustable footrest and armrest design, easy to switch the rest position and get on and off the wheelchair.
3. Full steel frame, sturdy and durable, can carry 150kg.
4. Seat and back cushions are made of glass fibre, breathable and waterproof.
5. The front and rear wheels are balloon wheels, which makes it easy to drive on the beach or wade in the water.